onshape tutorial

This page is class notes for teaching a class on how to use OnShape CAD to make 3D objects, with a focus on making them 3D printable.

get a free account

onshape free account for hobbyists (non-commercial):

(you might need to turn off adblock for that link to work, for some reason)

NOTE: a free account cannot make private designs, only public ones. (just like github used to be)

OnShape vs OpenSCAD

onshape is a professional cad package, whereas openscad is a toy.

general strategies for designing stuff

design activity: custom phone stand

you will need

outer profile of the phone stand

extrude the phone stand

now make the phone itself

tilt the phone back a little

cut out the phone from the phone stand

go back and tweak the dimensions if anything doesn’t look right

add fillets and chamfers to make it look good